Just a bunch of things I've worked on.

If you are looking for the blog that used to exist here, it's been removed since the how-to's and information shared there was pretty outdated and I wasn't maintaining it.


Twitter AntiBully twitter antibully

A Livestream of hateful replies on Indian Twitter as detected by a machine learning program

A page where I share videos I believe everyone needs to watch

Exp Calculator for DelugeRPG DelugeRPG Exp Calculator

A page that automatically calculates what battles you need to complete on to get your pokemon to a specific exp point

Pokemon Go Mangalore Pokemon Go Map Mangalore

A Pokemon GO map of Mangalore showing the various Gym and Pokestop locations. Also shows pokemon spawn locations. Given how pokemon go bans automation, updating this is not possible.

Bootstrap theme for PISG DelugeRPG Exp Calculator

Bootstrap modifications fork of pisg, an IRC statistics generator
In use at #OnePiece on Snoonet

Article 51A(h) / Freethought Article 51A(h)

A page to help you find freethinker groups on facebook (India)

Comic/Manga Reader
Comic/Manga Reader

Simple Comic/Manga reader web app made for personal use

One Piece Anime/Manga List One Piece Anime/Manga Conversion List

This page is intended to help you find the corresponding manga chapter/anime episode.
Updated about once a month or so.

Stock Market Sim (Experiment)
Stock Market Sim

A simple stock market sim made for a college fest at SDM, Mangalore.

Business Fest Companion Game
Synergy Fest Game

This was a companion game for the Synergy 2011 ‘Art of War’ college fest at SDM, Mangalore. It was tied in with many of the actual competitions going on at the time.

Genesis 2011 College Fest Website
Stock Market Sim

Homepage for an undergraduate college fest at SDM, Mangalore.

DelugeRPG DelugeRPG

A Pokemon based browser game where you catch, trade and battle pokemon.


AutoVoice script for Eggdrops - Automatically voices people in set channel, and other silly stuff that seemed amazing back in 2007.

NickServ Identify script for Eggdrops - Automatically identifies with NickServ on join, and also when NickServ restarts/loses sessions

IRC Channel Management Bot - Bans people who break set rules. Keeps a blacklist of people to ban. Many scripts like trivia and last-seen, and pokemon related for use on #PokemonDeluge and #PokemonTrivia on

Forked xydec for Pokemon X/Y - Helps view internal egg/pokemon data when a trade is initiated. No longer works since the game was patched to prevent this.

Discord Management Bot - Does verification, handles muting in special access channels, irc like infobot, note taking, custom channel and server management